ABS only sells 100% pure Australian honey. We make some of the best natural honey from a diverse range of native and manage resources across South Australia.

We sell honey in bulk 1000lt containers right down to our 500g upside down squeeze containers. We supply honey to a large number of supermarkets, grocers and small specialty shops across the state.

ABS produces and manages Beelicious Honey and SA GOLD honey. These brands come in a range of sizes and from different locations.
Our wax is pure and free from residues that impact in quality. It is Raw and Pure straight from the hive and simply warmed to settle out impurities and poured into blocks.
Our propolis is completely raw and unprocessed. The color and purity depends on apiary location and time of harvest. It has been harvested using propolis traps on the tops of our hives, but being raw and unfiltered may contain some wax and pollen.

Our propolis is in its natural form and has not been melted, chunked or in a powder form. Colors vary based on the plants and trees in which the bees visit to collect the resins. The most common shades for our area are from light color to dark orange to brown.

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